20 June 1675 - 12 April 1678
The King Philip War, also known as the Metacom's War, after the leader of the Native Americans. The war was between the American Colonists and the native Indians in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and coastal Maine. Fighting broke out in the town of Swansea, Massachusetts in June 1675 and then soon spread. Most of the fighting stopped in August 1676 when the Indian leader King Philip (Metacom) was killed. By this time, over half of the 90 established towns had been destroyed. Some fighting continued along the coast of Maine until April 1678 when a treaty was signed at Casco Bay, Maine.
Henry (Lieutenant) Jr.   b. circa 1610, d. Feb 21, 1676
Jacob   b. circa 1649, d. Aug 22, 1675
John   d. Feb 21, 1676
John   b. Aug 24, 1640, d. Apr 20, 1676
Zoeth   b. Jan 31, 1636, d. Jan 21, 1676