Welcome to the McKown Family website, which has been created to document research on my roots, Malcolm McKown, and those of my wife, Carolyn Euler McKown. My father's roots are from New Hampshire & Vermont, and my mother, descended from the Mayflower (John Alden and Priscilla Mullins) through Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I'm in an eternal quest to find out if my heritage, on my father's side, is Scotch or Irish, and I hope to someday find the connection. My wife's ancestors are Euler and Wittler from Germany through Baltimore, Maryland to Portsmouth, Virginia, on her father's side, and Rountree and Corbitt from England on her mother's side.

This data is a collection of thirteen plus relatives' databases. I have attempted to document as much of the information as possible. I have made numerous trips to Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, Quebec, Canada, and other locales to find and photograph gravestones, search public records, and interview persons with potentially helpful information.

Many relatives have contributed information. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them. A hearty extra thank you to:

  • Althea Garrow Alling
  • Claire Goyette - In Memoriam 1937 - 2016
  • Jocelyn McKown Jamieson
  • Sally Moore Koestler - sallysfamilyplace.com
  • Evelyn Rountree Lassiter
  • Fred Rea Lassiter - In Memoriam 1936 - 2005
  • Patricia Garrow Loomis - In Memoriam 1932 - 2012
  • Jane Alice McKown
  • Lee A. Perron
  • Robert Perry
  • Sean Shifflette
  • Marge Teagle
  • Jack Valentine

As with any work in progress, I am continually adding, updating and correcting this data. Because of typos, errors or omissions in entering, I strongly suggest that anyone using this data verify the entries and sources for correctness. If you should find any inaccuracies, or want to add additional information, please text the information to me by clicking on my name below.

Hopefully, this website will help break down some of those "brick walls" for some and provide me with information to help break down my "brick walls".

For privacy reasons, I display names only of living persons on my site.

GRAVESTONE PHOTOGRAPHS. I have added all my gravestone photographs. The majority are photos taken by me unless stated otherwise. Check back from time to time to see if I may have added your relative(s). Some photographs of gravestones may be found at Find-A-Grave.com. Where burial is indicated on my site, see if there is a Find-A-Grave Memorial #. A photograph may be available there. ANY Gravestone that is preceded with "?' a question mark means this is a guess and must be researched.

BURIAL DATES. In most cases the burial dates are only estimates since no records can be located. Burial dates are a minimum of one (1) day after the death date. As of April 2022 I will no longer enter burial dates unless I find them in obituaries, death certificates or cemetery records.

MCKOWN/EULER FAMILY CONNECTIONS. With over 45,000 relatives in my database the majority of the connections are through marriages. I just started out researching direct lines and as I went along I added brothers, sisters and their families and their husbands, wives and their parents. The database just kept growing. I have since added indexes for the Euler & McKown direct lines. A DIRECT RELATIONSHIP will also show up at the top of the page under the name of the person you query.

MAPPING SERVICE LINKS. Beware, you may be misdirected by the link if the place has not yet been designated.

This site was created with John Cardinal's Second Site and for tracking the information I use The Master Genealogist®.

    Last updated on 15 October, 2023